One night with you is not enough

The sensational debut album and single of the same name - out now on the Telamo Label.
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Not all who wander are lost.

So how does a born-and-bred Devonian end up being one half of a successful German Pop Duo?

Well, the short version goes like this....
Singing has always been one of the greatest loves in my life. I received a classical Boys Choir training at Chagford when I was young, building a solid foundation for future solo efforts. I took some training in acoustic guitar, dropping the lessons after a while to teach myself the skills I needed for acoustic and electric guitar, as well as bass guitar and some keyboard skills. Various school bands followed, diving in to popular styles of the time (rock, wave, punk) and there was even some drumming thrown into the mix. School theater was not my thing, but I soon found that musical productions were just up my street. Career choices back then were heavily influenced by family, so I ended up joining the Royal Military Police and received a fateful posting to Osnabrück early in 1984...little did I know then, that this would shape my later musical career....
During my stint with the military I continued to play with like-minded individuals and managed to keep an interest in music and singing despite being posted to Northern Ireland during the final two years of service. Enough was enough, and I decided to make the leap into civvie-street but not, as expected by most, in the UK, but back in Germany. Ever since I first set foot here, I have found myself mysteriously drawn to the Saxon Mindset and the beauty of the countryside. Sometimes reminding me of my home back in The Shire; othertimes the surrounding simply breathtaking and never-before-seen. I am happy here, and want it to stay this way for a long time...
After setting up some smaller combos and duos, I found my way into the band Back to the Roots as frontman and second guitar. It was there I met my current duo-partner Chris. His love of German-Language "Schlager" music combined with my ideas and creativity led to us forming Al und Chris and the rest, as they say, is history...

Some of my major achievements to date:

In 2012 Chris and I signed to the Munich-Based Label Telamo Since then, our career has skyrocketed with three singles and an album released by the Label through Sony Music.
The album is titled "Lieber tausend als eine Nacht" which means "I'd rather spend a thousand nights with you than just one" or (as I like to say) "One night is just not enough".

Here you can see a selection of some of our (my) work to date. Click on the thumbnails to learn more about each project. I hope you enjoy!
My best, Al.

I saw two guys perform at the weekend, you MUST get to know them!

This one sentence was enough to intrigue songwriter Tobias Reitz. A meeting was organised and plans were made.
Now, five years on, the trio, together with producer Tommy Mustac, have produced one of the most anticipated albums of 2014 - Lieber tausend als eine Nacht

I saw two guys perform at the weekend, you MUST get to know them!

This simple sentence was enough to raise the curiosity of Germany's leading songwriter, Tobias Reitz. Curious to meet a smart, dark-haired charismatic Englishman, a sort of modern Cliff Richard, and a fun-loving, charming, blonde Westphalian; both talented musicians with exceptional voices: Al & Chris. Just two names, uncomplicated and catchy, just like the men themselves. Two heart-throbs and buddys at the best age for a career in new German "Schlager". Ever since their first single "A wie Anna" (A is for Anna), they have been inundated with fan letters. Finally, their debut album "Lieber tausend als eine Nacht"(One night is just not enough) is here. Release date is January 3rd 2014. Al was born and raised in England, but has lived in Germany for several years. He met his musical partner, Chris, while playing in a local Top 40 cover band. Together, they toured up and down the country playing almost every top venue thinkable. "One day we just knew we had to start our own project", they recall. They left the band and started off on their own as a duo. A few years on, their journey led them to a cooperation with producer and composer Tommy Mustac and their discoverer and songwriter Tobias Reitz.

Lieber 1000 als eine Nacht is an album full of the finest modern German Schlager songs: instantly recognisable, charming, dynamic and masculine. A love song for the ladies and an ode to German pop at the same time. Get down and dance to rhythmic classics such as A wie Anna, Giulia, Teufel im Blut, Liebe macht Licht, Vergessen ist leichter gesagt als getan, and get lost in the romatic ballads like Bis zum letzten Herzschlag. Sometimes, Al & Chris are like two boys just daydreaming ("Ich halt den Himmel für dich an"). Othertimes, two mature, reflective men unafraid of the human touch ("Mit allem was zu dir gehört"). A little melancholly ("Komm zurück") and a spattering of eroticism ("Wenn wir alleine wärn") can be found within the lyrics. Musically speaking, there are easy-going discofox songs and solid pop-hymnes (Ein König ohne Königin", "Der Wind singt deine Lieder") and country-and-western-style guitar licks ("Und sie wartet"). The release of "Lieber tausend als eine Nacht" is a big deal for these two musicians. Both of them are tried and tested on stage and have been touring week-in, week-out for years. Either as an acoustic duo, or with their new Popschlager set. "It just clicks when we're on stage", says Al, "I think the audience knows we're not playing a role up there. We are just being ourselves and have a great time while we're there!"

For these two attractive men, being "over-twenty" isn't a problem. "We have both been through a lot in our lives and have some good stories to tell. That's great", says Chris. On stage or off, Al & Chris are honest and down-to-earth. At first look, they may seem complete opposites. But they both share a strong character and have the same clear goals in mind. "John Miles once sang: 'Music was my first Love... and it will be my last'. And there could be no better way to describe it", says Chris. This is their motto for life. Both are devoted and passionate musicians. Chris has been a fan of German Schlager music since his childhood. He watched the top acts of the time on TV shows and aspired to be like them. He learned to play the guitar, to sing, and learnt about sound engineering, working later as a sound engineer. German Schlager may be an unusual genre of music for an Englishman, but that just makes the whole thing more interesting. "One day I heard a song by Helene Fischer on the radio. That was the moment I knew what sort of music I wanted to make", says Al grinning. And now Al & Chris colaborate with the same team who brought Helene Fischer to fame.

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